An accounting firm with a clear Vision


A visionary accounting firm in East Auckland

I am an accountant who helps you clearly define and achieve your business and financial goals.

I prefer to work with you to reduce your stress by improving cashflow and business procedures so you can concentrate on your business and relationships. 

My experience in managing large and small businesses means I have a wealth of knowledge you can utilise regardless of the size of your business.

Everything a business does is evidenced by financial transactions. Accounting transforms these transactions into a comprehensive story. You have the choice to either read the summary at year end or, with our assistance, actively participate in determining your story.
Whether it is tweaking how you do things, introducing new systems or helping you determine your business strategy and ensuring you progress towards your goals.

We aim to make it easier for you to succeed.



A historical look at the previous year. This looking and learning from the past is for many clients is the only interaction they have with their accountant.  

While it is comforting to know your tax returns for Income Tax and you have received your Annual Financial Report.

What can you learn from the profit earned for the previous year and its’ accompanying balance sheet?  Can it assist in making the current year better?  Is the result better or worse than you expected?  Are there good or bad surprises?

Reviewing results with Four Eyes Accounting sets you up for the next year.


What is going on this year?

Imagine your business was a car. If we put in fuel, we assume that we can drive. At regular periods we take the car to have it serviced and tuned up. We know that this increases the dependability of the car and is likely to increase its useful life.
But, even if you know how an engine works, it's  complex and we don't have the tools to perform a service and so we trust mechanics to carry out the servicing.

Businesses are the same. Revenue is our fuel. This will be in the form of sales, rents, fees together with our income sources. If we have sufficient fuel our business will continue to operate. But when do you pop in for that tune up? Do you have the skills to look at the financial reports and understand what they are telling you? Do you have efficient systems and processes to deliver the results you want?

Working with Four Eyes Accounting to get a better understanding of your results and how to measure progress towards your goal.


What does your success look like?

Do you live to work or work to live? The answer often is that I work to live, but it feels like I am living to work. When this happens often the joy seems to get sucked out of our life and relationship suffer.

If this resonates with you, contact Four Eyes Accounting now for a no obligation chat.

Having a clear vision is fundamental to our success. It is the destination we are striving for and can measure our progress against. Often is a lifestyle we aspire to, and will involve others such as children, business and life partners.
Having a clear vision enables the steps required to reach the goals to be understood and planning for how they could be attained developed.

Set yourself up for success - contact Four Eyes Accounting now for a no obligation chat.


Knowing where to go next

Through planning what is expected over the incoming period enables actual performance to be measured and understand why performance is better or worse than expected.  Through this understanding appropriate responses can be put in place so help keep on track.

Effective planning will include discussing and analysing the effect of changing circumstances and/or activity levels. Understanding these and knowing how you could respond promotes confidence and reduces stress if adverse results do occur.

If you want a clear focus on the road ahead - contact Four Eyes Accounting now for a no obligation chat.


Being in control – knowing where you have been, where you are and where you are going.

Effective oversight requires working on your business with your business partners to objectively look at where the business is currently at, evaluate its’ performance, agree on actions that need to occur in a specific time frame and who is responsible for taking the actions.

Four Eyes Accounting works with you to increase your knowledge and coaches you to drive the business forward in a positive and confident manner.

If you need to work on your business - contact Four Eyes Accounting now for a no obligation chat.

Contact me to discuss how we achieve more

The Four Eyes Principle

This risk management principle is that two competent independent people review documentation and opportunities before decisions are made.

Having somebody else to review the situation, bounce ideas off with and discuss the challenges being faced while keeping control would be great – for your confidence, for reassurance and occasionally to help put things in perspective. This is where Four Eyes are better than two.


Some testimonials

My confidence in his abilities and advice has allowed us to take bold steps to right the business and start it back on a path of profitability
Mark Harrison
Electrix Security Fencing
Mark has gone the extra mile for us in our business and personal financial life. ...
Adrienne Patterson
Buds and Bows
He's organised, responsive and happy to meet face to face which I appreciate ....
Dr. Mel Wi Repa
Mark was able to provide professional guidance and advice that exceeded my expectations ...
Ryan Overend
First View Investments