Property accountant

Simplified accounting for property investors

Kurt** is a busy professional who regularly travels internationally. He also is a property investor.

One of my clients referred me to Kurt and he came along for a chat.  His accountant was based in Wellington and they only met once a year – to prepare the tax return.

We reviewed Kurt’s property portfolio and discussed his long-term objectives. Kurt had 6 rental properties scattered throughout the country. It soon became apparent that Kurt was a passive investor – each property was managed by a property manager and he was heavily reliant on the information provided by them. Due to the geographical spread, he was unable to visit each property in person.

We developed a business plan and strategy to meet Kurt’s long-term goals. This covered where the next property purchases would be, maintenance plans and property types.  Clear criteria and measurements were set to enable progress to monitored, helping with investment decisions and decision making regarding when to hold or sell a property.

Kurt now has the required information available to make quick and confident decisions regarding his property portfolio, disposing of those properties that are financially not viable and investing in the ones that are. His portfolio is steadily growing.

Kurt now has constant access to information on how each individual property is performing and has moved from being a passive investor to an active investor.

Ingenii listens and understands what is important to each client in order to develop supportive solutions that make it easier for the client to achieve their goals.

** Not the real name, but a true story.